Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Fundies Attack

Recently I posted on Twitter my displeasure concerning the Texas School Board's decision to pass a new curriculum favoring religion over evolution. Last night I got a message from a fellow Tweeter, though he and I do not follow one another. Below is the transcript of our conversation. I'm not using names to protect the naive.

Him: You believe all this evilution nonsense or what?

Me: What do you gain by denying it? The evidence is overwhelming.

Him: What evidence, answer me this, can a baby take care of itself? and can something come from nothing?

No. What does that have to do with evolution?

Him: How would the first organism to evolve be able to take care of itself?

Me: Well it was bacteria. Not much to it.

Him: Well what about the first mammal to pop up on the scene, all mammals must have a mom!

Me: Of course.

Him: Ok so obviously the mammal's Mom must of started as an adult, and had to have been created!

Me: False dichotomy.

Him: there is no way the first mammal could have survived without a mother!

Me: I don’t think you understand evolution

At this point I got tired of the argument, and blocked him. He may or may not have replied. I don't know. I didn't see the point in continuing since he didn't appear to have even a Jr. High understanding of evolution.

So, I went to bed, and forgot about the whole thing. When I woke up, however, I found it was far from over. I had seven direct messages sent to me while I slept from people who had obviously read our exchange, and were none too happy with me. Initially I deleted these messages without replying, but, luckily, copies were also sent to my email. I have copy/pasted the messages below, and added what I would have said had I chosen to reply.

Does It Bother You That Your Going To Hell Believing The Evolution Lie?

No. There is no hell. Oh, and it's "You're."

Why do you atheists insist on shoving it down our throats? This country was founded on Christian doctrines.

No it wasn't. It was founded on Greek democracy and the Old Roman Republic.

There is no evidence for evolution, let alone overwhelming evidence. Your just a blind sheep following Darwin.

We have been collecting evidence for over 150 years now, and not a single shred of it has pointed to anything other than evolution. Visit a museum. Oh, and it's "You're."

You and the other evolutionists are bound for hell. Dearwin was a puppet of satan, and so are you.

I'll steer clear of "Dearwin," should I see him.

I will pray for you.

Thank you.

Jesus is LOVE. Evolution led to Hitler. You need to think about the choices your making.

Yes, Hitler "believed" in evolution. He also "believed" in gravity (another scientific theory), and was kind to dogs. Feel free to float away, and kick a puppy. Oh, and it's "You're"

The problem is simple, The Bible is FACT. All you have is a theory.

Evolution is both a fact and a theory. Unlike most seventh graders, you don't even know what a scientific theory is.

There you have it. I know I'm dealing with the lunatic fringe here, so there's no need to expound upon this any further. I just wanted to share. Although, I'm surprised none of them called me a "looser."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Creepshow - The Garden

I'm almost convinced that nobody reads this blog, but that's okay. Earlier this week I made a rare discovery: a band I like that was formed within the last five years, performing a song I like written before 1995. So I thought I would share it with you, Non-Existent Reader.