Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Chat With The John Lennon Bot

Since my last talk with the John Lennon Bot didn't go so well, I thought I'd give the old boy another shot. Transcript below.

> Hey, this is John speaking (with his fingers). What's your first name?

 > Andy

What are you doing in my kitchen Andy ?

> Making a sandwhich. Want one?
What time is it?

> It's still early. I feel like our last talk didn't go well. Thought I'd try again.
Once more? No, all those things are beyond me.

> Please don't ruin this.

> Thanks. Have you been watching The Walking Dead?
I could listen to you for hours.

> Oh, you like the podcast?
Yeah, sure.

> You might be my most famous fan.
I heard some rumors going around: I might be yourmost famous fan . The Biafran public relations people thought it was good for their cause, and I'd accept their opinion over yours any day. Stands for popular.

> The only Biafran I know is Jello.
Who told you that?

> I did. Is it true you called Paul a big, fat cunt?
When? By remote control.

> I don't think we should see each other anymore.
What else do you know?

> Goodbye forever.
If it's imagery, it's imagery.

> Bitch
Is there room on your shoulder for both of us?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Return of The Fence

Bryan and I reunite for a no name podcast. I show off my new soundboard, we poke fun at music form the 1970s, and Angie interrupts the show. There's also talk of the Republicans, and a lady with a crazy voice.

Click here to download.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Andy to Andy Podcast

I ran into my friend The Other Andy earlier in the week, and an impromptu podcast broke out. It's recorded with just an internal microphone on a laptop, so the sound quality is low, but the content is good. I think. I introduce a new sound effect I learned, and we talk about the Scatman, the Chicago Blaxican, and Liam Neeson. Also we're both fat so there's a lot of mouth breathing.

Click here to download.